When entering a civic address to post a property online, sometimes the system does not accurately pin the listings.

This problem grow exponentially when posting properties in locations where there are only lot and block numbers.  Places where the street name is just a suggestion.

Network Globe

SkyCity Realty Geo-locator

Google Maps, Bing Maps and other online mapping services have some limitations. They might not be able to properly map your property.

SkyCity Realty’s Geo-locator offers an alternative by allowing you to choose where your listing is mapped regardless of the civic address.

If you find your listing not showing up in the proper location, you can turn on the Geo-locator.  The system will display the proper civic address and the proper location on the map. 

Without SkyCity Realty Geolocator

Civic Address cannot automatically locate the property.

SkyCity Realty Geolocator

With SkyCity Realty’s Geo-locator active.