Code of Conduct

Golden Rule

Thou shall not post private/personal information of other people or businesses, post pornography or other explicit material, promote calls to violence, and create posts that exploit children.


Harassment and Bullying online is profoundly serious. On certain platforms it is easy to create multiple false accounts and harass/bully another user. Users can create a free account, however, users and businesses of SkyCity have some control. In the most basic form, any user type has the ability to block individual accounts. One additional layer is the ability to deny access to whole tiers.

In the real world we have mechanisms in place to deal with various forms of harassment and bullying. Sky Networks will work hand in hand with law enforcement while maintaining the privacy of the user.

One thing one must remember, criticism is not harassment.

Your Thoughts - Your Words

“Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.”

These words have been spoke throughout time and are true to form.

Users and businesses have always had the ability to control what others see, listen, or read.  Once you share your thoughts and feelings, you must be prepared for a reply.

“Words are like bullets:  They cannot be recovered when fired and you cannot control the harm they inflict”

When you sign up with SkyCity you still have a level of anonymity. As a new user you are unknown to the general population. Remember there are no avatars to hide behind. You can remain as anonymous as you want.  When you start talking on public broadcasts, you start to strip away at your anonymity. Sharing comments, especially public comments, will link your words with your profile.

You can control your profile information, and you can control what you say.  Just remember, for those that agree with you, there are those that will disagree with you.