Kickstarter Project

With all the changes that are going to happen in SkyCity, we have looked to breaking down the project into multiple phases.  When funding is secured, the site will be fully operational by 2020 December.

Development Phases

Phase 0

Prepare project to secure funding through Kickstarter.

Once Funding is Secured

Phase 1

Business Liquor Subscription

Creation of Business Liquor Subscription will allow businesses to sign up and display their business.

Business options include, but not limited to amenities, ingredients grown on site, distribution, and retail.

    Business categories will be used to allow a business to display their profile and products.

    Resource Map

    Initially, the map will display a business card and map pin of all the businesses that subscribe to the site.  This is done through the Business Liquor Subscription.

    Each business will be able to customize their business card and display their own map pin.

    Each business card will have links to their SkyCity profile, display their contact information, and business presence.

    A business can decided what information it wants to share on the business card.

    Future planning is to allow the display of products and where the products are available.  This will be implemented at the end of Phase 2.

      Phase 2

      Creation of a plug-in that will allow producers to create an inventory of the products they make.

      To be used by:

      • Breweries
      • Wineries
      • Distilleries

      Cost to use: $5CAD (5SCC) per product per month

      Creation of a plug-in that will allow those that make, distribute, and sell liquor to display the products on the SkyCity website and SkyCity profile page.

      To be used by:

      • Breweries
      • Wineries
      • Distilleries
      • Agents
      • Distributors
      • Retailers
      • Bars
      • Pubs

      Cost to use: Free

      Creations of WordPress plug-in that would allow a business to integrate their website with SkyCity and display the products they have to distribute and sell.

      This is to create a dynamic website that will automatically update by mirroring information found in the app created in phase 2.  It will also include the ratings and reviews if the two ratings apps are active.

      Cost to use: Free

      Kickstarter Launch Date : 2022 January 04

      Stretch Goals

      Phase 3

      Creation of two plug-ins:

      • Merchant Rating App: to be used by businesses that want to be rated by users and other businesses
      • Merchandise Rating App: to be used by businesses that want their products rated by businesses and users.

      Ratings and reviews can be posted on SkyCity profile pages.  Including the profile page of the reviewer.

      Cost to use: Free