SkyCity Liquor Locator

SkyCity Liquor Locator Project is to create a global liquor resource map that is used to help find various drinks from around the world.

Through the use of SkyCity applications, a business can create and share their products with other businesses.  This will create a full network of distributors and retailers that deal with the manufacture.

The resource map search fields are built to be dynamic.  This will allow the products and businesses to display only want the user is looking for.

The system is built to work in a variety of browsers and devices; no apps required.

Businesses and users can use this service to connect with manufactures, distributors, agents, merchants, pubs, bars, and restaurants that are in the business of liquor.

This is our largest project yet.  We are reaching out to the people to help us build SkyCity Liquor Locator.

The work required is a massive update of different plug-ins and features in SkyCity, creation of new applications and construction of the resource map.

The Liquor Locator Project will provide a small breakdown of the different phases for implementation of this massive upgrade.