Resource Map

Resource Map

The purpose of the resource map is for a business to display:

  • Business card
  • Business map pin
  • Products for distribution and retail
Concept Image

Phase 01

Each business will be able to customize their business card and display their own map pin.

The business card will have links to their SkyCity profile, display their contact information, and business presence.

A business can decided what information it wants to share on the business card.

The resource map search fields are dynamic.  Once one starts to search for a product, empty fields will be hidden as the search become more refined.

Phase 02

Expands the resource map by adding products that are manufactured, distributed and sold on site.

Each product will have a customizable product card and map pin.

The products will be displayed from the view of the business.  A brewer of acme beer will show 10 different cases of acme beer for sale.  Looking at a retailer might see acme beer in only 2 cases.  That is what the retailer sells on site vs what the brewer would sell on site.

Business and Product Buttons

Business and product cards will have a series of buttons that will provide users with specific information relating to either the business or product.

Button color can also be modified to match the color scheme of the business/product cards.

Here are some examples:

Business Card Buttons

This will go to the business SkyCity profile.  There will be more information about the business, a description, and message feed.

Display all the products that are on tap at the business.

Display all the products that are being sold on site and the format and volume: by case, individually, in a glass.

Product Card Buttons

This will go to the product profile.  Providing detailed information including description, pairing, taste profile.

Display all the businesses that have this product on tap.

Display all the businesses that are selling this product on site.